What we offer?

What we offer?

A motorcycle adventure all around Colorado for 14 days or longer or shorter if you want. Paved roads only (off road adventures coming soon).
We will rent a motorcycl for you, motorcycle insurance, find a place to hit a pillow every night with an option for breakfast (based on two beds/share hotel rooms), car following the rides with rider’s baggage, and an occasional guide on motorcycle as well. On longer days of riding we will provide picnic lunch as to visit restaurant will be limited.
And hopefully the best time in Colorado mountains you ever could have. We absolutely can arrange a rental of a car if any non-motorcycles riders will attend. Also we gladly can arrange any desires for off site adventures such as Jepping, ATV, horseback riding, hiking or rafting.

What is on you?

Flight ticket, expenses for lunches/dinners/snacks/beverages, price of motorcycle rentals/insurance, gas and accommodation, any park entrance fee.
Any extra medical or travel insurance you may like to carry.

What to bring for Colorado climate?

There is no requirement to wear helmets in Colorado but we would highly recommend to bring your own. I personally use CARDO communication in mine. We will ride in plains and mountains during the time together. Please keep in mind the change of elevation, temperature, and rain/snow. Everything is possible in Colorado, trust me… a good riding gloves is the must as well as a rain gear and extra layers.
Bring your own cell phone holder (cell phone data card available upon request) for motorcycle if you like, daily bag if you have your favorite.
Colorado has really dry climate. Drinking plenty of water is necessary to prevent “altitude sickness”. Also I individually like to use eye drops.
It is nice to have little bit of cash on you but not necessary as VISA, MASTERCARD, DEBIT CARD, Apple pay etc. are use everywhere in America. Gas is paid by card at gas station based on system “pre-paid”. 
Colorado allows to drive with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent. Above is immediately unlawful. PLEASE DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!
Colorado is legal state where to buy marijuana in store…. This information is just out of curiosity…

Any other questions?

Please ask if you have anything on your mind. I will be happy to answer or arrange whatever you wish for.

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